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"Taking Pictures - Sport" photography agency

We cover all sports at all levels

our aim

As Photographers specialising in Sport photography our aim is to provide high quality, affordable images to clubs, teams, organisations and companies involved in sport and sort related industries. Over many years our involvement in photography and sport has not only given us the skill to produce high quality sporting action photographs but to also offer our clients the complete media package that is essential for modern sporting organisations. These services include public relations photography, coverage at club events, awards and other functions, product and advertising photography including Stock and pack shots, stadium and grounds imaging. As well as stills photography we are also able to offer video interviewing and other P.R. related services, in short we are a one stop media provider, not just sports photographers.

what this mean to you

For our clients, this means not having to deal with multiple suppliers, we discuss all of your requirements and then deliver a 'one stop solution' that fits your budget. In doing so, it makes more efficient use of your time and you can achieve significantly more than when dealing with multiple suppliers. There are synergies to be gained through dealing with one linked up media provider. For example, the introduction of new merchandise into the club shop requires some pack shots, which lead to a promotional event, that involves a community group, which leads to press releases that generates a package of images for your match day programme, your main website and a flurry of social media announcements. Taking Pictures - Sport would co-ordinate the creation and delivery of that media amongst the various teams involved. Fewer transactions, with an awareness of the various stakeholders involved, means that dealing with a one stop shop maximises the impact of your activities and secures for you the 'biggest bang for your buck' 

Stock Photographs

Our photographic library covers many sports. We have photographs of sporting personalities, action pictures of a variety of sports and generic sporting images for use on websites and in advertising.

Taking Pictures Sport, unlike most most other sporting picture libraries, will also undertake to shoot specific pictures, when possible, if we do not hold a suitable image in stock, please ask for details.

Sporting Events

We cover all types of events including University Sport Festivals, Gymkhanas, Summer Camps, Golf Days, Tournaments, Dinners and Presentations. These can be covered in a variety of way some of which do not entail any financial commitment from the club, group or society.

Event coverage can be part of an "all in package" for clubs which may also include game coverage, advertising, merchandising and P.R. photography. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Press and Editorial

We provide experienced operators for newspapers, magazines and P.R. companies for all types of sport.

As well as coverage for newspapers and magazines we can also help to get your club or society noticed by covering your games and getting them published. We also undertake assignments for advertising, PR and editorial work.